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workers compensation insurance in Los Angeles

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I'm Carl Arrechea.  I specialize in Workers Compensation, Commercial General Liability, Commercial Auto, and Equipment/Tools.

workers compensation insurance in Los Angeles

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Certificate now!


Is your client holding you off a job or demanding a cert in order to cut you a check?  That really sucks.  Call  my certificate department and stop wasting time! 

 Call 800-311-3081 or certs@orrandassociates.com

Talk to a Contractor!


As a General Contractor myself, I can help you in ways that other agents cannot.  I'll save you both time and money.  How can you beat that?

Call Carl, 800-421-6934 or carl@commercialinsuranceguy.com

Cost is a priorty!


Pricing can vary greatly, so I'll discuss all the options you have available for your type of work.  I'll look at your business like it's my own and give you an honest assessment.  Together, we'll figure out the most cost-effective way to insure your business without breaking the bank.

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Are you getting HAMMERED with high Workers Comp expenses? ​

List of Our Services

Commercial Auto

Does your client require you to carry commercial auto coverage?  Call me now. I'm glad to speak with your client to verify exactly what they want. In some cases, your personal auto policy is acceptable, but most likely you'll need to upgrade to a commercial policy. We'll figure out the least expensive way to do that. 

Call Carl, (800) 421-6934. carl@commercialinsuranceguy.com

Workers Compensation

Do you sometimes hire casual labor or do you 1099 some of your workers? It's very common to do that, but just be VERY careful you don't jeopardize your business. Accidental injury to a casual laborer could cost you everything you own! Lawyers are constantly on the prowl for businesses that don't carry workers compensation and a lawsuit against you could easily bankrupt you! Get the facts now.  

Call Carl (800) 421-6934.  carl@commercialinsuranceguy.com

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workers compensation insurance in Los Angeles workers compensation insurance in San Francisco

Tools & Equipment Stolen?

Sorry.  That sucks.  I'm also a contractor and had that happen.  Tools are a high priority for thieves right now. A tool policy that will replace your stolen equipment is not very expensive.  They start as low a couple hundred dollars a year. We can get all your tools covered today.  

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